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As Executive Chef for The Boelter Companies, Chef Charlie Baggs and his team are bringing “flavor to life” by developing solutions that break through the ordinary and help their clients achieve success with practical, go-to market approaches. Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations is co-located with the Boelter Chicago office at 1071 W. Division Street in Chicago, Illinois.

Boelter is proud to partner with Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations, providing consulting solutions to our customers that include focused recipe ideas, brand identity building blocks and executable training programs and merchandising strategies designed to help foodservice operations thrive.

Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations works with a variety of clients on Ideation Facilitation, Retort Technology, Ready to Eat (RTE) Foods and Aseptic Technology. As an industry expert, Chef Charlie has been a Distinguished Speaker for The Institute of Food Technologists and has shared his expertise as a speaker at the Annual Conferences of the National Restaurant Association and The Research Chefs Association.

Chef Charlie Baggs has a degree from Purdue University in Hotels, Tourism and Restaurant Management, graduating with honors from the Culinary Institute of America. Throughout his culinary career, Chef Charlie has worked in some of America’s top kitchens, including Ambria, Spiaggia, Marriott Hotels and Walt Disney.

To learn more about Chef Charlie Baggs and their portfolio of services, visit Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations.